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The Once & Future Madonna

  Marriage is hard. No one can prepare you—maybe they can, but I didn’t grow up with a mother, you know, someone to give me her insight about what married life was going to be. [June 2005 Edition]

Madonna has been an agent provocateur for nearly two decades, and she still has a lot of opinions to offer. his anti-Bush, pro-cellulite, video-Granada happy "American Life "has it had a lot of bad language in recent times. Not bad for clip that was crushed before they ever receive any current play.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the artist it was he who does the crushing. Sensitive manner the choice of images would be received during the war in Iraq, our most daring pop star released its own video.

But now the new album American Life has come, and longtime fans can get all the action that openly need. Madonna says the hi-techno / folk guitar extravaganza represents the trip from 80 to Iced Boy Toy Kabbalah student. It's been a long, strange trip - the new cover art positions you as a Che Guevara heart - and not over yet. Who would have thought we'd see the day when the arch-means manipulator would condemn the superficiality of American Idol?

much buzzed-about guest spot on Will & Maddy amp; Grace put it in league with the star of the sitcom, Megan Mullally. in VH1 an exclusive interview, the actress-gets prime time subject to spill the beans on the ideas that drive the "American Video Life ", his creative process, he has learned from his children, and why now is great for sagging leave speak for itself.

Megan Mullally: I just saw the original video "American Life", and I think he's a genius. talk to me her.

Madonna: Have you had a strange reaction to it


Mullally: It was very powerful. It is what it is. I I think it is art and people have to take at face value and leave on them.

Madonna: I had some intention when we started video recording. Then, when we started editing, I started watching others take shape - and other stories and ideas emerging issues - I had no intention of doing. but that's part of the creative process. I feel like I've confused lots of ideas in a big stew. What makes the video over disservice to try to explain exactly what it means

Mullally: It is very powerful, as the video for "What It feels like a girl. "

Madonna: The two are female rage


Mullally: It is very feminist. I love their dancers. They are like real women!

Madonna: are voluptuous girls strong he can really dance. That was one of the taboos that wanted to explore. The women who appear in the videos are always stick figures. is taboo for women with rolls have meat in them, but to me, they are so beautiful and strong. When you feel have a roll of fat, even if you're not fat. My six year old daughter has a roll of fat. I feel very comforted by that. is cool.

Mullally: Where were you when you were coming putting the album together?

Madonna: "American Life" describes my mood when I was writing the viagra album. I looked back at the last 20 years and realized that a lot of things that were valued were not important. I have also noticed that the American dream - the idea that you can start with nothing and make both his life - can start with a pure intention, but you can detour on the road with all these things dangled in front of you: more money, more fame, more than this, more than. Your priorities get very mixed. You begin to valuing the wrong things. The only thing that will really make you happy is the state of his soul, the way treat people, the love you have in your heart. I know it sounds corny, but it's true. That's what "American Life" is about and essentially the entire record is that trip that I leave. It is full of wonder and sometimes he is angry, but hopefully there is plenty of resolution and joy you also.

Mullally: I really do not focus on what is important in our culture.

Madonna: is just all these TV reality shows as American Idol. People want to be famous and do not even know what. And at the end of the day there must be a "Why." If you have no intention of using the power you have when you're famous for improving the world, then it is a waste of generic viagra time.

Mullally: You said that you do not look any television or read magazines or newspapers.

Madonna: law. I know there are some good programs on television. Before I saw your show in some episodes videotape and thought, "Wow, price of viagra is really good writing. it's really good. "But it's like I have my children, I have my husband, I have my job, I have my spiritual life, I have got my exercise. There is no time! I do not have the luxury of turn on a television. Will I get something out of that? Will I learn something from it? If not - I'm not really that interested.

Mullally: Tell me about the song


Madonna: is a metaphor Hollywood, Hollywood where superficiality [valued] above all things. is on society's fascination with the look of things, You are trapped in the illusion sildenafil and make all decisions based on something that is not true. It's pretty scary Actually.

Mullally: On "Hollywood" you sing, "I tried to quit but I never could. "But in a sense, you you have. Got experienced an awakening.

Madonna: Totally. What I really mean by that is that I tried desperately not worry about people wanting approval. Most of the time I succeed, but not always. It is difficult to keep in the entertainment business and still be separated from want the approval of people.

Mullally: It is also difficult to grow in public and you has, but somehow you have become to the positive.

Madonna: I've tried. I've had my dark moments - that's for sure.

Mullally: ten years ago seemed settled. you were exploring his darker side and sexuality in the field as the Sex book and Erotica album.

Madonna :. I was doing a lot of my anger

Mullally: But people can see how far you've come. is I might give them the hope that everyone can change.

Madonna: Absolutely. Not that I'm ashamed I was ten years ago, but I was going through life in a road anyway. I slash and burn. sometimes having to put aside their past. I was angry at the way people perceive me. He was angry that if you were be perceived as sexual, then it might not be smart. I He was in a state of very provocative mood and thought I would release all women worldwide. Do I have viagra online succeeded in making that? I'm not sure. At day's end, much of what was doing at the time was driven by ego. I was trying to surprise people, and at the time I felt very smug.

Mullally: Are you going through it and everyone is seeing. That exacerbates the experience.

Madonna: It makes you feel a little vulnerable. I mean, at the end of the day the whole world changes. Everyone grows. But [in a case like mine is] always documented and must always explain. I felt that was constantly having to account for everything. I mean, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. It has been an incredible journey to go through all that and still see the beauty of life and still has hope for humanity and not lose my own sense of adventure.

Mullally: Make your children contributed to the growth of yours?

Madonna: Enormously. In the entertainment business can be incredibly self-obsessed. If you live in front Camera is exercise, clothing, hair and nails, skin. You spend all day preparing yourself. And on and on and on. Then you have children and no time to do all those things. It is best to it could happen to throw everything into perspective. Or practice my guitar every day or get my nails. a lot of frivolous things go out the window.

Mullally: That's very good


Madonna: The other thing I find is that my children Help me I see myself and my own shortcomings. I get anxious to see my daughter's reaction to things. then I think, "Oh, my God, it's me." Your children are actually mirrors of you. They are sparks of his soul. You learn to hug their children for all their faults and a how they are doing that to yourself.

Mullally: Do you see anything of yourself in your child Rocco?

Madonna: My daughter is very emotional, very passionate, and very dramatic. I see and I get to act really frustrated with it. I'm like, "What a drama queen!" She's that side of me. My son is like a clown. He has this cheeky irreverent sense of humor. It is that part of my personality. It's great.

Mullally: You told me to never do any purchase. Why not?

Madonna: Well, I love clothes. That sounds so lame and superficial, but it is a form of creative expression. using clothes to change what I am is a big part of my job such but I find the repulsive idea of ??going shopping. I can not enter through a grid and look at things. If I had my stylist Arianne Phillips came to my house with some clothes to wear, I probably end up wearing the same Adidas tracksuit each day.

Mullally: But Arianne Phillips is not a stylist. She is a costume designer.

Madonna: This is why I love cheap viagra working with her! she really think about the character rather than what is the last thing to wear. We have worked together for so long, we have a silent communication type. She knows what I like and what looks good on me.

Mullally: Tell me about what you do with your friends.

Madonna: I really have no friends. [Both laugh.]

Mullally: You have me! [Laughter.]

Madonna: is difficult. I do not have much time for a Many of my friends as before. We ended up talking on the phone and email more to do with each other these days. But I do have a handful of very good friends and I am grateful to them.

Mullally: Are most people I know in a long time?

Madonna: Si. I have a kind of family around me which has been working with me for years. I think my manager still one of my best friends. I know about 15 years ago. My sister is a good friend of mine - obviously she is I always knew! [Laughter.] I like sale viagra to keep people around me I've known for a long time. I have lots of substitute mothers!

Mullally: You are seen as the mother of reinvention. Can Have you ever foresee one of her incarnations as being a beautiful senior woman with wrinkles and gray hair?

Madonna: and I have a few wrinkles and gray hair, so do not let the camera zoom in very closely! [Laughs.] That's the direction I'm going in rolls of fat and wrinkles. - right on!





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